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What the Future of AR Marketing Might Look Like Using A 3D Web Viewer

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The future of AR marketing is in 3D. The ability to create virtual content like text, images, GIFs, and video that interact with the real world has been around for years now. But how does this work?

Well, it’s not as simple as pointing your phone at something and having it come to life. There are a few different ways you can create an AR experience — but today we’ll focus on web viewers. A 3D web viewer is a type of structure that uses technology to display 3D objects within any website or online environment you’re viewing on your device.

3D content is the future of AR marketing

3D content, specifically 3D product shots, is used in augmented reality (AR) applications such as mobile apps and web viewers to create a more immersive experience for the user. This allows them to look at products from every angle and get an idea of what they would look like in person.

For example, you could use this technology on your website so that users can interact with a new pair of shoes or sunglasses as if they were right there with you. That way they don’t have to go out and try them on first before making their decision about whether or not they want them.

You can also use this technology within an app where users can view different angles of products through their phone’s camera or computer screen without having access to the physical product This makes online shopping easier than ever before because now instead of going store-to-store looking for something specific (like shoes), consumers will be able to do all their comparative shopping from home.

Objective reality is the future of AR

While current AR technologies are still in their infancy, they offer a glimpse into how AR will evolve and change the way we view the world, interact with it, and do business. AR is starting to come of age, offering new ways for consumers to interact with products and services. The next generation of AR technologies will be even more effective at bridging the gap between what we see and what’s there. As such, the rapid growth of AR technology has been driven by several trends:

  • The prominence of smartphones and other mobile devices that can run apps
  • A growing awareness that technology can deliver experiences that are better than reality (think virtual reality headsets like the Meta Quest)

A web viewer is the future of AR

A 3D web browser allows you to view 3D content on any device, from a mobile phone to an augmented reality headset. The web Viewer can be used for many different purposes. For one, you can use it to view 3D content on the web without having to download bulky files or install apps that are only compatible with certain operating systems. This makes it easier than ever for your customers and potential customers (or even just anyone who has an internet connection) to access your products in a new way.

For example, if you’re using an omnidirectional treadmill at home, you could use this technology to show off how it works to someone else who doesn’t have one and has yet still experience what it feels like to use one. This can be done by watching someone else walk use one while wearing their own VR headset.


As you can see, the future of marketing is a bright one. The combination of AR and VR technology has opened up new pathways to connect with customers in previously impossible ways. With 3D web viewers on their phones and tablets, users can now interact with immersive content in any location where they have access to WiFi or cellular data. This means we’ll soon be able to experience things like live concerts, sporting events, or news broadcasts all around us without having to leave home.

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