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What is Subscription Relationship Management? And Why Is It Important?

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Many consumers are now used to the benefits of subscription services. However, what is it that sets these types of relationships apart from the typical transactional relationship? The answer to this question can be found in traditional customer service.

A typical transactional relationship has one-way communication where the company expects loyalty and financial contributions from their customers. On the other hand, a subscription relationship has two-way communication where the company not only provides value for money but also anticipates customer needs and desires to better serve them. As a result, both parties feel an emotional attachment to each other which strengthens their bond.

Here are some ways to build a subscription relationship with your customers today.

What is Subscription Relationship Management?

Subscription management is a process that helps you understand the types of relationships your customers have with your business. This means understanding who is using your product or service, how many people are using it, and what their typical monthly spend is. By analyzing this data, you can develop strategies to directly target the subscribers and improve conversion rates on the site. You may even learn about who’s not using your product or service based on other similar products and services that they may be looking at.

When done correctly, subscription relationship management will help you to:

  • Understand who’s using your product or service
  • Improve customer retention through targeted marketing campaigns
  • Build loyalty through engaging content and personalization messages on all of your products/services

Why is it important?

You’d be surprised how many of your customers feel the need to engage with you on a regular basis. They want to keep up with what you’re doing, they want to share their thoughts and ideas with you, and they want to help you grow and become even more successful.

As a result, it’s beneficial for your business to have a relationship with your customers — both for the company itself but also for your customer. By building and maintaining a subscription relationship, you’ve established the foundation of trust that will make the relationship stronger. Here are some ways to build a subscription relationship today.

Make it easy for your customers. Be transparent about what services are offered and can be purchased as part of the subscription service Businesses often forget that they should be transparent with their customers in order to maintain a strong relationship. In fact, transparency is one of the best ways businesses can show their appreciation towards their loyal customers who support them financially or emotionally.

For example, if your company sells insurance or has an online store where people can buy products online, sometimes it’s necessary for people to call or visit the website in order to receive information about available services or discounts for purchases made through the site.

Building a subscription relationship with your customers

Building a strong relationship with your customers is one of the best ways to build loyalty. As you can see through this example, there are many differences between transactional and subscription relationships.

Transactional relationships usually involve money—not much else. As a result, they are typically short-term in nature and do not require an ongoing commitment from the customer. In contrast, subscriptions usually require an ongoing commitment from the customer. Instead of having a monthly payment, they require periodic payments that are tied to the satisfaction of their needs (e.g., a subscription to software). A typical subscription has no billing cycles and requires only a short time commitment on either side’s part.


If you’re looking for a marketing solution that can keep you in front of your customer, look no further than subscription relationship management. Subscription management combines the best of email marketing, point of sale, and business development in one easy-to-use tool. It gives you the power to push your customers closer to you, even when they’re not ready to buy. If your customers aren’t ready to commit to a long-term relationship, you don’t want to be the first one they call.

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