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Some Of The Different Types Of Inks That Are Available To Buy

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When you are looking to purchase ink for your printer, there are many different types of inks you can buy, so you need to ensure you know what type of ink you need. You can get inks in a rainbow of colours and suitable for many different types of printers that can be used in homes, offices, and other types of businesses. Shopping around can get you some fantastic deals on inks for your printer, but always ensure you read the description carefully and ensure that the ink is suitable for your style of printer. Some of the various types of inks you can buy are below to help you know what type of ink you need, so you do not get the wrong one.

Liquid Inks

There are various types of liquid inks you can get for printers, depending on what you are looking to print. There are inks suitable for use in the home, and ones commonly used in business, such as domino ink for printing labels. These inks are often available in cartridges, but you can also bulk buy inks for business and get them in 200-litre drums. However, if you need cartridge ink for your printer, you must ensure you get compatible cartridges, as different printer manufacturers use various types of cartridges for their printers.


Toner is something commonly found in laser printing, and you also see this used in photocopiers. Toner is a dry powder and is heated and applied to the printing surface using a drum. You do need to be careful when handling toner and ensure that you do not get any of it on your skin or inhale it, as toner can be carcinogenic.

Solid Inks

When you think of inks, you usually think of coloured liquids, but you can also get inks that are solids. They are used in special printers and appear similar to a wax crayon, but they work similarly to laser printers. The solid ink is heated and melted and then applied to the printing surface before it dries and cures.

UV Inks

When you are using UV inks, they allow you to print n a variety of surfaces that traditional printers cannot do, and they have a fantastic look when printing using UV ink. When printing with UV ink, UV light is used to help it dry and cure quickly, but this is one of the most expensive types of inks you can buy.

Ribbon Ink

You can also purchase ribbon ink, which was once very common for use in things such as typewriters. Although the demand for ribbon ink is less with the advancement of technology, as not many people use dot matrix printers anymore, companies still use it for thermal transfer printing.

These are a few of the different types of inks you can get, showing you a wide selection suitable for various types of printing. Ensure you know what kind of ink you need for your business, and shop around, and you can get some excellent deals on high-quality ink, so whatever you print looks fantastic.

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