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How to Pick the Right Dust Suppression System to Ensure Clean Air During Construction

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Dust can cause damage to your construction equipment and harm employees’ health. The construction industry is responsible for protecting the environment and ensuring the local water system is not polluted. A dust collection system is crucial to the nature of activities done on your construction site. There are different BossTek dust control systems designed to clean the air. Construction managers are expected by law to put in place dust control measures. Here are some of the dust suppression systems you can install at your construction site to ensure you have clean air on your construction site:

Put up physical barriers

Sealing off your construction site from the world entirely is not practical for most construction sites. You can put up fences and boarding to prevent the dust from getting to the local environment. A physical barrier is ideal for construction sites not near other buildings or human traffic. The physical barrier also helps prevent the wind from picking up the dust and keeps the dust from escaping. The barriers should always be placed at right angles to one another than around the perimeter of the site.

Use water droplet dust control systems

Always ensure that you prevent the construction dust from escaping the construction site using water. You can use different water droplet systems to control the dust. It’s important to get the right dust control systems that can be customized based on the unique needs of your construction site. They have a range of dust control systems that will help you keep dust from escaping to neighboring buildings. Dust control systems that use water are inexpensive and they’re a flexible way to remove airborne particles from lingering in the air for a long time, therefore, keeping your employees and equipment safe. They also have low power consumption, and you do not have to worry about running them continually.

Use chlorides for improved dust control

Calcium chloride is used for its dust control qualities since they are hygroscopic. It can be used to soak up the water vapor in the environment. Calcium chloride attracts water to areas on your construction site that would dry out and become dusty. Most construction managers place calcium chloride on unpaved roads where construction vehicles pass all day. While chlorides do not completely prevent dust from being created, they lessen the amount of dust generated on a construction site.

Sweeping and cleaning equipment

Despite installing personalized dust control measures, there is a need to invest in sweeping equipment to help deal with the dust. Sweeping a dusty area is more effective than most automated systems. It is also vital to wash down vehicles when moving from your site to the open roads. Construction managers should invest in wheel washing machines to prevent the mud from transferring from the building site to the road.

Dust suppression can be achieved in different ways on a construction site. A combination of bespoke automated and simple methods such as sweeping will help you keep dust levels at your construction site safe.

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