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How to Begin a Laundry Business in 2022

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Are you planning to take the leap and start your own laundry business? Remember, it isn’t just about managing laundry equipment and commercial laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts! There’s more to it and you must plan carefully to increase your chances for success.

Fortunately, the laundry industry continues to rise, with everyone requiring their clothes cleaned no matter the economy. So, follow these tips on how to prepare for starting a laundry business this 2022.

Setup Costs and Tools Required

The setup costs to begin a laundry business is generally high, depending on the business model. A basic setup would cost between $200,000 to $1,000,000. You must assess things like your:

  • Equipment costs
  • Commercial laundry space
  • Permits, licensing, and registration
  • Insurance
  • Ongoing and future expenses
  • Website creation
  • Among others

There are tools and equipment you’ll need for your laundry business, such as:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Chest-type ironers
  • Steam boiler
  • Door hangers
  • Laundry carts
  • Coin or card machine
  • Laundry sinks
  • dexter laundry parts
  • Dry cleaning equipment, if required

Conduct Market Research

Performing thorough market research will help you with your plans, such as what kind of services to offer and where to create the business in the first place.

Market research helps you identify the demand for services, potential target market, competitors, and more. You’ll learn what area has fewer and more laundry businesses and the services they offer so you know what strategies to follow so you can stand out. You’ll also identify any ways to save on money and reduce your startup costs.

Work on Your Business Name and Logo

Of course, you’ll need to decide on your business name and logo, ensuring that they both deliver a clear message to your target market. Your business name and logo must be catchy, smart, and easy to pronounce, read, and understand. They must be memorable and describe your business, which piques people’s interests.

Consider the Type of Business

There are so many different types of laundry businesses you can enter! These are divided into three categories, which are:


  • Coin-operated laundromats (aka self-service)
  • Non-coin operated laundromats (including customer services)
  • Washing uniforms and linen


  • Commercial laundry businesses such as laundry services for hotels, resorts, restaurants, healthcare, or professional textile cleaning and management
  • Residential laundry and dry-cleaning businesses
  • Self-service laundromats
  • Wash and fold service
  • Laundry delivery services
  • Commercial contracts for events managements or weddings
  • Vending laundry services
  • Coin-operated laundromats

Distribution Channel

  • Offline laundry services vs. regular laundromats
  • Online laundromat businesses operated using apps or websites

Your Target Market

Map our your target market and location, which have a cordial relationship with one another. You may divide your target market into two: Commercial and residential.

Determining your target market can help with your market research and marketing strategies in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

That is just the beginning of beginning your own laundry business, so prepare and brace yourself for a lot of work that will be worth it in the long run.

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