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Hazardous Waste Improper Disposal

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Being human and being alive makes us some kind of waste factory. By going about our day-to-day lives we emit so much waste, not just from an individual perspective but also from a societal standpoint. However, some of the waste emitted on the societal level is harmful to our health and that of our world. There we have the focal point of this article; hazardous waste. In general terms, hazardous waste can be explained as waste that has very harmful properties that make it have a rather dangerous effect on the health. That’s not all these properties are also very harmful to the environment.

These types of waste are generated and emitted from the many facets of the society, they range from but are not limited to industries (local & global), plants, and oil rigs amongst others. And the waste may come in several forms such as sludges, liquid, and or solid gases. However, regardless of the forms in which they come, this waste is a real threat to our entire existence if not properly disposed of or recycled. Little wonder environmentalists and eco-inclined individuals prioritize waste disposal and we all should indeed follow suit.

Putting Waste To Good Use

Living in the 21st century has its perks; nothing is useless with the right tools and the right amount of passion. The world over, people are seen putting waste into very good use. Recycling them to become something anew, giving the properly disposed of waste a second chance at life. The same is attainable with hazardous waste too. Hazardous waste can be recycled and yes it has a whole lot of benefits but chiefly amongst them is the reduction of raw materials consumption. However, it could be an entirely different tale if hazardous waste materials are not properly stored. Because that could lead to contaminations, spills, leaks, and even fire. 

Improper Disposal Of Hazardous Waste 

It’s no longer news that improper disposal of hazardous waste poses quite a threat for us as people and our world in its entirety. In this section, we would be looking at some of the grievous issues that arise from improper waste disposal.

Pollution of land and water: First, land pollution occurs when the soil is exposed to hazardous materials. These materials over time seep around fast and the exposed area and its environs absorb this material thereby becoming dangerous for both animals and humans. In furtherance, over time waste that has contaminated the land would find its way to water bodies and then be a danger to aquatic organisms, and also this toxic water makes freshwater unsafe for even humans.

Climate change: Hazardous waste when not properly disposed of, contributes to the gases that make the ozone layer thick. And this makes the weather worse because it has the ice caps melted and the sea level raised. This has nothing but a very negative impact on the natural element and could ultimately destroy the worlds of billions of animals and mankind alike.

Harsh weather conditions: Because of climate change, more areas are experiencing more and more harsh weather conditions. We see more floods and more and more tornadoes on the news. Hurricanes are not left out too, all these can be attributed to climate change. 


Our beautiful world needn’t suffer from the negligence and greediness of a few. Therefore, if you’re in the position to, ensure you do all you can to properly dispose of waste whether hazardous or otherwise. Or you can entrust this in the hands of competent experts. Our world is dying it’s your job and ours to save her!

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