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Copper Plate manufacturers produce the plates in various shapes and sizes. The manufacturers first produce the plates in larger sheets. Sheets are easy to produce. Then, automated and manual procedures are involved to make the sheets smaller. Machining is very easy on copper material but welding is difficult. Copper cannot withstand very high temperatures and it is low in strength compared to other metallic objects. Alloys are made to increase the strength of copper while maintaining the electrical and thermal conductivities. Copper is non-magnetic. The copper plate is a common sight in military explosive applications. Missile components are made out of copper to make sure there is no corrosion in them.

The very high anticorrosive property of copper also makes it suitable for marine applications. Boats, ships and marine vessels use copper as paneling material where they don’t want fouling. The sea organisms don’t accumulate on copper. Copper sheets of different grades are produced. The different Copper Sheet grades are produced by adding alloy materials. The pure copper is derived through electrolysis and the alloys are added. Oxygen, iron, sulfur and nickel are some of the alloy elements used to produce the alloyed copper. The commercially pure copper grades include up to 99.99% copper. C110 for example is a pure copper grade with 99.99% copper and other elements in trace quantities. The price of 110 copper plate varies due to different factors. The cut to size, the thickness, the area, the grade are some of the decisive factors of copper plate prices.

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