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Why Is the Ford Transit the Most Popular Commercial Van?

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The Ford Transit was originally introduced in 1965. It has been a staple of commercial fleets in the UK for decades. It is primarily used as a cargo van for transporting goods but comes in a variety of configurations to suit different situations.

Here are a few of the reasons why the Ford Transit is the most used commercial van in the UK.

The Ford Transit Is a Reliable Vehicle

The main reason that people love the Ford Transit is the reliability of the vehicle. It is a van that you can count on to transport your cargo. It has a large payload capacity and can hold up to the demands of everyday use.

If you need a commercial van for transporting items daily, the Ford Transit is a dependable option. Passenger van configurations are also available.

Wide Range of Customisation Options

The Ford Transit is one of the most customisable vehicles on the market. You can choose from an endless range of customisation options and configurations.

For example, the Ford Transit Custom Sport is a popular variation. It features a facelift compared to the standard version, along with a stripe down the sides, alloy wheels, and double bonnet stripes. The sporty look makes the Ford Transit Custom Sport perfect for work or pleasure.

Offers Decent Fuel Economy

Compared to other commercial vans, the Ford Transit offers decent fuel economy. Ford has focused more on fuel economy in recent years. The company’s vehicles continue to consume less fuel.

With the Ford Transit, you can save on operating costs, making it a great addition to any business. The fuel efficiency is between 7.6L/100km and 11.9L/100km on the highway and around the city.

Provides Ample Cargo Space

The Ford Transit is primarily used as a cargo van, thanks to its large capacity. It has a higher roof compared to many other vans in the same class, which gives you more room for stacking items.

The cabin area is also spacious. The driver has plenty of space and comfortable seating, which helps make the Ford Transit a great choice for long trips.

Affordable Leases Are Available

Due to the popularity of the Ford Transit line of vehicles, you can easily find an affordable lease for a vehicle that meets your specific needs. You can obtain a Ford Transit custom sport lease to increase the size of your fleet or for personal use.

The variety of options ensures that there is a Ford Transit for everyone. In the end, few other models provide the same value or reliability.

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