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Getting Rid Of Some Of The Clutter In Your Cirencester Home

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It can be daunting when you reflect and look at how quickly we accumulate things, and if you are not careful, you can soon be overrun and struggle to find space to keep it. When you have items that you do not use at all, if you have not touched them in the last six months, you should either get rid of them or put them into storage. Below are some tips to help you eliminate the clutter, find somewhere to store everything you do not use or need, and make more space in your life.

Sorting Through Everything

You will first need to sort through all your possessions and work out what you are going to do with them. You will want to have four piles of things, which are as follows:

  • Things to keep
  • Things To store
  • Things to sell
  • Things to throw away

Start going through everything, and if you do not use it and it has value, either store it or sell it. When you find something that you do not need which has no value, throw it away, and slowly do this with all the clutter in your home and work your way through everything. When you have finished going through everything and are left with four piles, you can start on the next step of the exercise.

Throw Away The Rubbish

You will want to start by disposing of everything that has no value, cannot be reused or rehomed, and you do not wish to keep. You must dispose of everything correctly and take anything made with recyclable materials to the appropriate place to get rid of them. Your local recycling centre can usually take most materials unless they are hazardous.

Find A Storage Solution

You will next need to find somewhere to store everything you do not want to get rid of but do not have enough space to keep in your home. There are a few options available for this, and if you have room in your garage, you can store everything there. However, if you have no space there, you can consider one of the companies providing self-storage in Cirencester.

You will need to work out how much space you require to store everything securely and then look at the different options of sizes available for the storage units. You can also see if there are any garages for rent in your local area, which may be a cheaper alternative than a storage unit, depending on how much space you require.

Putting Everything Away

Once you have everything in storage that you want to keep but do not need immediately, you can put everything else away. Find a spot for everything, and if you need to utilise your attic, do so. Once everything is put away, you are left with the last pile of items which you can sell.

Selling Everything Else

You can now start selling everything of value that you do not want and see how much money you can make. You can use eBay or Facebook Marketplace to sell your unwanted items, and there are also plenty of apps on your Smartphone you can use.

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